Well Hello There!

Grab a cup of coffee and your tricorn hat, we have a lot of history to unshackle.  There’s more to the past than dry dull facts. I’m on a mission to breathe some life into those old bones.  Dusty smelly textbooks–be gone! Consider yourself banished, replaced by the spontaneous combustion of facts mixed with creativity.

I’m Nicol Valentin, Nicol without an “h” and without an “e” because  both were lost somewhere in history. I am a wife and homeschooling mother of nine. I’m also a little eccentric, because you can’t have nine children and not get a little loopy.  That’s good for you, because it means you’ll never find anything here that’s dull and unimaginative.

Twice a month Ill be releasing history from the bonds of boring, giving you the means to impress your friends and family with your keen historical intellect and wit. You my friend are going to be a history star, a diva of discourse, a queen of quondam. So visit often, then you can say  with Ceasar” I came I saw, I conquered.”


julius caesar